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Faces 100 - Portraits

Group exhibition, May 5 to 30, 2002 in Heidelberg

‘Faces 100 - Portraits’ was an international group exhibition of artists from 32 nations organized by the IAA in the Castle of Heidelberg, Germany. Members of the National Committees of IAA from 91 countries were invited to submit portraits in a certain format. The exhibition showed the different realities in the countries and promoted understanding among nations. Mainly human portraits were displayed but also a dog portrait from Finland and some abstract interpretations like ‘portrait of wind’ from South Korea. An artist from Israel submitted a portrait of a veiled women riddled with holes. North Korea’s contribution showed a man who was imprisoned for 20 years in hostile South Korea and celebrated as a national hero after his release from prison.

The exhibition project was related to the first General Assembly of IAA Europe and jointly organised by Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste (IGBK) and IAA Europe.