Art after Crisis

International congress, October 15, 2010 in Bratislava

The Gallery of Slovak Union of Visual Arts welcomed 31 delegates and observers from 22 National Committees of IAA Europe and about 25 guests for the congress 'Art after Crisis'. It was opened by the general director of the art section of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Mrs. Janka Motyčková, and the representative of the European Commission Delegation Slovakia, Mrs. Mihaleje-Hromková.

Present delegates discussed in working groups the current situation of artists, seeking ways how to solve the most pressing problems, conceived proposals for further resolution. In addition to these topics comments on the initiative of the European Commission's Green Paper, possibilities for mobility of artists and their works in Europe and to the status of the artist embodied in the laws of some countries raised.

Working groups discussed the following topics:

  • What is the current situation of artists?
  • What are the urgent problems?
  • What can be solved nationally and what needs international interference?
  • How can the IAA Europe react to the urgent problems?


Report 'Art after Crisis' 2010 in Bratislava

Report 'Art after Crisis' 2010 in Bratislava short version

The cogress was organised by the Slovak Union of Visual Arts (Slovak National Committee), related to the 7th General Assembly of the IAA Europe.

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