The International Association of Art, IAA/AIAP, is a non-governmental organisation working in official partnership with UNESCO, having a consultative status. It comprises artists working in the fields painting, sculpture, printmaking, and other forms of creative work in the visual arts.

The objectives of the association are to stimulate international cooperation among artists of all countries, nations or peoples, and to improve the economic and social position of artists on national and international levels, as well as to defend their material and moral rights.

IAA/AIAP's structure is comparable to the UNESCO. It facilitates working conditions of professional artists and allows for comparison through meetings, seminars, and exhibitions. IAA/AIAP discusses and prepares proposals that are transferred to the member states. In 2012, an international enquiry on the living and working conditions of the artists today was launched which will allow to actualise the 'World Observatory on the Condition of the Artist'.

The IAA/AIAP actively participates in the UNESCO programs through arts education for children facing violence, underprivileged populations or living far from educational centers, in schools and community homes without arts education, as well as in specialised medical centers. IAA/AIAP is campaigning to have arts education recognised as one of the Human Rights, and introduced to the National Constitutions.

Executive Committee of the IAA/AIAP

  • Bedri Baykam - President, National Committee of Turkey
  • Marta Mabel Perez - Treasurer, National Committee of Puerto Rico
  • Cho Kang Hoon - Coordinator for Asia-Pacific, National Committee of Korea
  • Pavol Král - Coordinator for Europe, National Committee of Slovakia
  • Dolores Ortiz - Coordinator for Latin America, National Committee of México
  • Franklyn King Glover - Coordinator for African Countries, National Committee of Ghana
  • Ryoji Ikeda - Member, National Committee of Japan
  • Katarina Jönsson Norling - Member, National Committee of Sweden
  • Christos Symeonides - Member, National Committee of Cyprus
  • Maria Moroz - Member, National Committee of Poland
  • Martine Pasquet - Executive secretary, National Committee of France

IAA/AIAP activities

Since its foundation, IAA/AIAP negociated and draw attention to international agreements, declarations and other actions designed to facilitate the work of visual artists. Examples of this programme are:

  • Declaration on the legal number of Casts and Prints
  • Joint declaration with the International Union of Architects on cooperation between visual artists and architects
  • Regulation for international art competitions
  • IAA/AIAP Card allowing free or reduced access to museums
  • Presentation of a project on the status of visual artists to the UNESCO

Several publications in 'Art – The Journal of the Professional Artist', discussing issues on copyright, resale right, artists and education, as well as professional training of the artists.

Since its foundation, IAA/AIAP has been organising congresses and conferences in different countries. The following themes were treated:

  • Artists of East and West
  • The artist and the architect
  • What is a professional artist ?
  • The artist’ s professional training
  • Artists and environment
  • The artist today - as a constructive participant in society
  • Art and the public

World Art Day

During the General Assembly held in Guadalajara, Mexico, in April 2010, IAA/AIAP launched the 'World Art Day'. It was first celebrated one year later in 11 countries by the National Committees. The 'World Art Day' was proposed to underline the artists and the artistic creation’s major role in the evolution of the societies, visual arts being considered as one of the deepest expressions of humanity. The 'World Art Day' gives the public an understanding of the visual arts and its role in society.

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