The following list provides an overview of the General Assemblies of IAA Europe and additional reports.

General Assembly Bratislava 2019

The 15th General Meeting took place in Bratislava on November 23, 2019, hosted by the Slovak Union of Visual Arts and organised in cooperation with IGBK Germany.
Itwas linked with the IAA Europe conference 'Legal and social statutes of artists in Europe – 30 years after the Velvet Revolution: Focus on the Directive (EU) 2019/790 on Copyright in the digital Single Market' on November 22, 2019.

Invitation and programme

General Assembly Brussels 2018

The 14th General Meeting 2018 took place in Brussels on November 23, 2018.
It was linked with the symposium "Exhibition Remuneration Right in Europe" on November 22, 2018,organized by the IAA Europe, IGBK, the German collecting society VG Bild-Kunst, and the association European Visual Artists (EVA).


14th General Assembly_agenda

Symposium 'Exhibition Remuneration Right in Europe'_programme

General Assembly Dublin 2017

The 13th General Meeting 2017 took place in Dublin from September 14 to 16, 2017, hosted by Visual Artists Ireland (VAI). It was linked with VAI‘s Get Together 2017 – Ireland’s National Day for Visual Artists and the delegates also had the opportunity to visit some art places in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Invitation letter and programme

13th General Assembly_Agenda

General Assembly Berlin 2016

The 12th General Assembly of IAA Europe was held in Berlin (November 5) linked with the workshop "Social security and artists’ mobility in Europe" (November 4).

Invitation letter GA Berlin 2016

Social security and artists' mobility in Europe - documentation

General Assembly Pilsen 2015

The 11th General Assembly of IAA Europe was held in Pilsen (October 15), connected with the conference "Status of the Artist" (October 16) and the 18th General Assembly of IAA World (October 17 to 18).

Report Conference 'Status of the artist'

General Assembly Oslo 2013

The 10th General Assembly of IAA Europe was held in Oslo (October 5), connected with the conference "Free Art in a Free Europe" (October 4).

General Assembly Istanbul 2012

The 9th General Assembly of IAA Europe was held in Istanbul (October 13), linked to the conference "Art in the Service of Freedom" (October 12).

General Assembly Berlin 2011

The 8th General Assembly of IAA Europe was held in Berlin (October 30), connected with IGBK's congress "a.RTISTS IN TRANSIT" (October 28 to 29).


General Assembly Bratislava 2010

General Assembly Limassol (Cyprus) 2008

General Assembly Cetinje (Montenegro) 2007

General Assembly Brussels 2006

General Assembly Istanbul 2005

General Assembly Moscow 2004

General Assembly (Extraordinary) Vilnius 2003

General Assembly Heidelberg 2002

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