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Become a Member

Become a member of IAA Europe 

Eligibility criteria: 

To become a member of IAA Europe, please first check out the eligibility criteria of your organization. Members of IAA Europe must be non-governmental, democratic in structure, and representative of the majority of artists in their respective country. Ensure that your organization meets these criteria before proceeding with the application. 

There can be only one member association from one country. Therefore before applying to become a member check the list of national committees of IAA Europe to see whether your country is already represented within IAA Europe.  

If there is no existing National Committee representing your country, nation, or people within the IAA, you will need to establish one. Form a democratic and representative committee of artists that will be responsible for furthering the aims and objectives of the IAA according to the decisions of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee. 

Application to regional coordinator: 

Once your National Committee is set up and meets the eligibility criteria, reach out to the Regional Coordinator of IAA in your region. For IAA Europe the contacts of regional manager can be found below. Express your interest in applying for membership and provide the necessary details about your National Committee, its structure and objectives. 

With your National Committee prepare a formal application for membership. Include comprehensive information about your committee, its activities, and how it aligns with the objectives of IAA Europe and IAA / AIAP World. The application should be addressed to the Regional Coordinator. 

Ratification Process:  

After the Regional Coordinator’s review, your application will be presented to the IAA / AIAP World’s executive committee. A two-thirds majority vote from the Executive Committee is required to accept a new member. The final decision will be made by IAA / AIAP World. 

If your application is accepted, you will be officially granted membership in IAA Europe.  

By following these instructions and adhering to the requirements outlined in the IAA Europe statutes and the IAA / AIAP World statutes, your National Committee can apply for membership and become a part of IAA Europe. 

Is your organization interested in becoming a member of IAA Europe? 

Please contact Regional Coordinator of IAA Europe:

Sofia de la Fuente