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AI Act update

In early December 2023, EU lawmakers reached a provisional agreement on the proposed EU Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act.

The agreement addresses the concerns about generative AI that have been raised by IAA Europe and the Authors’ Rights Initiative, among others. Providers of general-purpose AI models will have to meet transparency requirements, including compliance with EU copyright law and sharing summaries of the content used to train these models. Deep fakes and AI-generated content must be labelled in a way that distinguishes them from human-generated content. 

The agreed text will be finalized in the coming weeks, and it will need to be formally adopted to become EU law, which is expected to happen in the first half of 2024. It is still unclear what the practical implications of this regulation will be, but it is a step forward in the protection of creative work in the EU.

News on the website of the European Parliament (link)