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16th General Assembly of IAA Europe elected new President and Executive Committee

General Assembly of IAA Europe took place in Helsinki, Finland 2022. Photo by Sara Rantanen.

The 16th General Assembly of IAA Europe took place on September 23 in Helsinki, Finland.

Teemu Mäki from Finland was elected as the president of International Association of Art Europe. Teemu Mäki has been the chairman of the Finnish Artists Association since 2018.

As Vice President the General Assembly elected Sara Edström from Sweden and Anders Werdelin from Denmark continues as Treasurer.

Other members of Executive Committee are: Hilde Tørdal from Norway, Jerome Ince-Mitchell from UK, Egle Ganda Bogdaniene from Lithuania, Marcel Noack from Germany, Maria Moroz from Poland and Andrea Kristek Kozarovafrom Slovakia as well as Katina Kostafrom Cyprus as nonvoting member of the Committee.

The National Committee of Finland – Artists’ Association of Finland will also take over IAA Europe’s office from Slovak Union of Visual Arts, the Slovak National Committee, in next weeks.

The day before the Assembly the Symposium Building Artists’ Futures – Strengthening solidarity was organized by IAA Europe, Artists’ Association of Finland and a-n The Artists Information Company (UK).